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Welcome! We are the Gloxinia Gesneriad Growers or The 3Gs. The 3Gs is the local, Denver based chapter of The Gesneriad Society. The Gesneriad Society is an international organization that is made up of individuals who enjoy growing plants of the wonderful family Gesneriaceae or commonly known as gesneriads.

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Aeschynanthus x Splendida

So, what is a gesneriad? Gesneriad is a family to which African violets, gloxinias and lipstick plants and many other plants belong. Although some are grown as foliage plants, most have flowers with the characteristics of being trumpet like with five petals. Usually two of the five petals are a different size than the other three. Although at first African violets don't seem to fit that description, their flowers are defined as being an open trumpet. Non-hybrid and many hybrid violets have the same characteristic of having two of the five petals being smaller than the other three.

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Streptocarpus "Guidelines"

The African violet is probably the most well-known plant of the gesneriad family. African violets were not introduced to this country until 1926 but almost immediately gained popularity. There are African violet clubs all over the United States and a national club called the African Violet Society of America (AVSA). African violets are considered to be one of the favorite houseplants in the United States, especially for blooming houseplants. They are also one of the easiest to grow.

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Sinningia "Colorado Sunset"

Another gesneriad that is well-known is the Florist Gloxinia or Sinningia speciosa. The Florist Gloxinia looks very much like an African violet and is mistaken for one by many who are not familiar with the plant. Like their cousin, the African violet, Florist Gloxinias do well in a typical home environment.

One of the emerging gesneriads in popularity is the Streptocarpus. Streptocarpus is the African violet's closest relative and enjoys the same environment.

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Streptocarpus "Roulette Cherry"

Other gesneriads popular with gesneriad growers are Sinningias, Espicias, Alsobias, Chiritas, Columneas, Kohlerias, Aeschynanthus, Nematanthus, Codonathe and Petrocosmea to name a few.

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